English is the global language used in today's workplace. Today's professional needs to attend meetings, give presentations, write emails and reports and build business relationships, all in English.

Everyone wants to feel confident that they are using the correct terminology, the appropriate level of formality, and that they are getting their message across in the best way possible.

Whether you are an organization or private individual, let me be your Personal Trainer in English communication if you want:

  • individualized training tailored to your own needs.

  • a professional and committed approach and support.

  • to be inspired and encouraged by an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer.


First I set up a meeting to assess your language level and to discuss your requirements and expectations.


Then I research into the tasks, skills, and terminology you need to work with, so I can design a comprehensive, individualized programme with relevant materials and activities.


The fusion of a structured framework, a flexible approach, and enjoyable and relevant activities results in improvements in language skills and confidence in communication.


I offer customized courses for both corporate clients and private individuals, from one-off meetings to regular weekly sessions.

Unless otherwise agreed, I normally come to you which saves you time and trouble.

Corporate Language and Communication Training

  • Professional communication: meetings; presentations; building professional relationships; speaking fluency.
  •  Business English: email writing; report writing; business and specialist terminology.

Proof-reading and Editing

  • I proof-read and edit: reports, articles, and emails.

Private Language Tuition 

  • Tuition for students 16 and over: when you feel you need extra help with your English.
  • Spoken fluency: let's meet at a coffee shop to discuss topics you are interested in with my feedback and support.
  • General English skills: vocabulary extension; grammatical accuracy; reading comprehension; Swenglish traps.

"Lektionerna med Susan var alltid anpassade efter mitt behov av kunskap. Eftersom lektionerna var arbetsrelaterade anpassades de alltid efter de arbetsuppgifter som jag hade vid det tillfället. Det gav både mig och min arbetsplats mycket.

Susan förberedde alltid med material som var relaterat till det vi skulle göra under lektionen. Jag kunde själv ta med det material som jag behövde hjälp med. 

Tack vare Susans pedagogiska, lyhörda och trevliga sätt var lektionerna dessutom väldigt lättsamma. Susan är en av de bästa lärare jag har haft och jag kan varmt rekommendera henne."

Helena, former client


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Susan Haglund

Workplace English

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