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It all started in Newcastle, UK where I took my degree and qualified as a teacher of English. After four years of working in a high school, I knew I wanted to continue teaching; but it was time for

a new challenge, a new environment.

So I came to Sweden.

And I started teaching Business English to adults.

It was here that I discovered just how much I enjoyed helping professionals improve their language and communication skills.

And that's why I'm still doing it today!


Why is meeting a Personal Language Trainer a good thing?

Everyone can go to the gym and work out. So why do so many people have a personal trainer?

Because the PT encourages them, and explains how to get the best out of the equipment, and how to get the best out of themselves.

More and more people are realizing that while e-learning is a great tool for learning languages, something is missing: the human element.

  • A personal language trainer is someone who will listen, and give individualized, relevant, creative help and feedback.
  • Who will adapt  the course to the way you learn.
  • Who can give answers to your own specific questions.
  • Who you can interact with to improve your spoken fluency.
  • Who will encourage you when you need it.
  • Who will make the learning enjoyable.

Previous Assignments

I have worked with a range of students, from experienced politicians to young adults with their foot on the first rung of the career ladder.

I have worked with participants from Riksdagen, the Government Offices, government ministries, government agencies, municipalities, development aid organisations, major companies, banks, and insurance companies.

The public sector: I have trained both individuals and groups at

  • Riksdagen, the Government Offices and ministries, including ministers, state secretaries, director-generals, embassy staff, press secretaries and senior advisers as well as administrative staff.

  • government agencies including Riksbanken, Riksgälden, Finansinspektionen, Riksrevisionen, Statskontoret, ESV, Skolverket, Socialstyrelsen, PRV, SFV, Migrationsverket, Skatteverket,  Pensionsmyndigheten and Försäkringskassan.

  • Stockholm City municipality and SKL.

NGOs and education:

  • SIDA, Friends, and Forum Syd.

  • adult vocational courses at PHS and TUC Yrkeshögskolor

The private sector:

  • I have led many courses at banks and listed companies. These include Nordea, SEB, Swedbank, Handelsbanken, Folksam, Länsförsäkringar, If, PostNord, and LG Sverige.

  • I have taught preparatory courses for the Cambridge English Certificates . 


Former client

"I felt that Susan was very good at quickly understanding what I have most problems with in English, and in suggesting different exercises that could help me to improve my English.

The lessons were also very enjoyable since Susan was very friendly and nice to talk with on any subject when we worked on improving my conversation skill."


Former client

"Susan är den bästa. Jag har lärt mig så himla mycket och mina onsdagsmorgnar har varit en av höjdpunkterna i veckan."



Below are quotes from former clients. One of the most important aspects of my work is confidentiality, which is why I've only used their first names. 

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Susan Haglund

Workplace English

Stockholm Sweden

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